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2015-2016 Softball Hitting League Standings

Date Scores
Jan. 2:
Week 1
202 Misfits
164 Morgan Mashers
142 The Region
135 Diamond Crushers
124 Batitude
115 Boone Grove Bashers
99 Cherokee Choppers

Week 1 Individual Point Leader: Dierdre (Misfits)
We had 4 players achieve perfect scores during the bunting round: Jasmine (The Region), Diedra (Misfits), Maddie (Misfits), Katie K. (Cherokee Choppers).
Week 2
417 Misfits
328 Morgan Mashers
302 The Region
272 Batitude
260 Diamond Crushers
214 Boone Grove Bashers
204 Cherokee Choppers

Individual Week 2 Points Leader: Dierdre (Misfits)
We had 3 girls achieve perfect scores in the bunting round: Dierdre (Misfits), Reilly (Morgan Mashers), Faith (Batitude)
Week 3
550 Misfits
503 Morgan Mashers
472 The Region
456 Batitude
406 Diamond Crushers
362 Boone Grove Bashers
330 Cherokee Choppers

The Individual Week 3 Points Leader was Ally (Cherokee Choppers)
We had 5 girls achieve perfect scores on the bunting round: Morgan (Diamond Crushers), Olivia (The Region), Laura (Boone Grove Bashers), Ally (Cherokee Choppers), and Maddie (Misfits)
January Finish Congratulations to our January Indoor Softball Hitting League winners!!! Our team winner was the Misfits and our Individual Winner was Deirdre (Misfits). Each team member receives a free one-hour cage rental and Deirdre will receive a free private lesson. Great job girls!!! Here is where everyone ended up

704 Misfits
656 The Region
633 Morgan Mashers
600 Batitude
516 Diamond Crushers
486 Boone Grove Bashers
428 Cherokee Choppers

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